A continuous integration server for the ACL2 community is now hosted at http://leeroy.defthm.com.  To make my life easier (and not have to worry as much about security), you need an account to read the build status.  But, I’m happy to provide such an account upon request!

Beyond just informing us as to the status of the build, another nice perk of having a CI server is that the “acl2” build target functions as a gatekeeper for automatically pushing commits that are still able to build the manual from a “beta” branch to a “master” branch.  This lowers the amount of paranoia that I must maintain when committing changes.


The service is currently sponsored exclusively by Defthm Consulting, but we’re looking for financial sponsors who can help us scale up from 3 cores and 16GB of RAM to using hardware available via cloud services like Google Compute Engine and Amazon Web Services.  This would allow the community to determine the status of various ACL2 builds based upon building more than just arithmetic-2 (the current “acl2-multi” build target).  The estimated cost for this better service is somewhere around $5000 per annum.

A screenshot of the “acl2-multi” build status:



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