Leeroy is back!

The continuous integration server is back online.  Phew!  Turns out that either new subnets get assigned the “public” windows 7 firewall setting by default, or I selected “public” at some point without realizing it.

While updating my DHCP leases, I was really pleased to see that Synology web interface automatically redirected me to its new IP address, without requiring me to type it in.  Way to think of a border case and address it elegantly Synology!


Also, I’ve decided to make leeroy’s read-only access public.


Leeroy under construction

I picked up a new Buffalo router that runs DD-WRT.  It seems there’s a bug with port forwarding in this router (although I get an IP assigned in a different IP block than with the old router), so leeroy should be considered under construction until I sort that out.