Migrated Leeroy from home to Google Compute Engine

Leeroy (our community Jenkins server) is more or less migrated to Google Compute Engine.  When it’s up, it can be viewed at the same old URL, leeroy.defthm.com.

DSC04820 - cropped

Leeroy has been running in GCE for awhile now, but it took a bit of time to set it up the way I wanted.  Specifically, I wanted to make it a preemptible instance that was automatically restarted once resources became available again.  This costs about a quarter of what it would cost to have the instance up all the time.  Since our community is a humble community, it’s probably fine for the server to have some downtime.  Having it up most of the time will make committing to the “testing” branch more meaningful, as Leeroy automatically merges in changes that pass “testing” into “master.”

This frees up my home machine(s) but leaves me wondering… what am I going to do with all of this RAM @ home?

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