Leeroy Jenkins Jr Available

Leeroy Jenkins Jr. is now mostly working.  It’s a 64-core AMD 3990x Threadripper with 128GB of memory.  It’s currently accessible via http://leeroy2.defthm.com/

There are still some things I’m playing around with, e.g., how many processes make sense to run at once and moving it from under my desk to the closet.  However, it should be generally available.

I’ve moved every build over to Leeroy Jr.  They still exist on Leeroy Sr, but, with the exception of the master build, they’re disabled.

The plan is, at some point, to ship the machine to Kestrel, where it will be hosted.  I’ll be hosting it in my closet until then.  When it’s shipped, I’ll reactivate the builds on Leeroy Sr.  I probably won’t play around with the leeroy vs leeroy2 subdomain until after it’s been installed at Kestrel, so keep the link handy.

I’ll post additional updates (e..g, about downtime) in the ACL2 Community slack channel #continuous-integration-leeroy-jenkins.  If you’d like an invite to the slack server, please let me know.




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